I will hold a special work deployment meeting in Changsha

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Post Date: Saturday, 01 September 2018

中国民族贸易促进会 (CCPNT)

Changsha in the early autumn is still full of enthusiasm, and the beautiful Meixi Lake crowds are surging.

From August 31st to September 1st, I will hold a two-day special work conference at the Meixi Lake Innovation Center. The participating members brainstormed and talked freely, and the discussion was warm and achieved good results. Mr. Lan Jun, the secretary-general and executive vice president, presided over the meeting, the general adviser to the meeting Shen Zhanhua, the vice president Zhang Fuyang, Li Xuguang, Huang Jian, the financial director Yu Ting, the acting secretary general Gao Dehui, the assistant to the president Wang Peijian, and the deputy secretary-generals, The heads of various departments and the principals of the Changsha office area, the organizers of the Beijing Active State Technology Co., Ltd. and Morningstar Venture Valley (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.

The conference will focus on the development of the Changsha project in the headquarters of China’s one township and one product industry promotion plan, and the third national ethnic region investment and trade fair (2018 National Ethnic Area Development Conference) to be held in Changsha in the second half of the year (referred to as “the People’s Fair” “)), the preparations for the Third National Congress of the Communist Party of China, etc., engaged in heated and in-depth discussions.

 First of all, according to their respective division of labor, the heads of each section of Yixiangyipin mainly reported the achievements in standard certification, counseling training, industrial funds, marketing channels, etc. since August, and made suggestions on issues such as working mechanism system and team building. The participants agreed that since June 15th, I will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the Changsha Municipal People’s Government. With the strong support of the Changsha Municipal People’s Government and the joint efforts of all the working teams, the China One Township Industry Promotion Program Headquarters The base settled in Changsha is in a steady and orderly manner. In the next step, we will fulfill the obligations of the agreement without compromise and work with the relevant functional departments of the Changsha Municipal People’s Government to promote the project.

Subsequently, the person in charge of each section of the China International Trade Fair reported the progress of the preparatory work, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the person in charge of the project to discuss the scale, form, content, publicity, conference reception and logistics support. At the same time, they also went to the venue to conduct on-the-spot investigations and survey routes. The meeting made it clear that the third session of the People’s Republic of China will be held jointly with the Changsha Municipal People’s Government at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center on November 23-25. The theme of the event is “to promote the coordinated development of the industry in the ethnic regions and to write a new chapter in the new era of poverty alleviation.” It is planned to include the opening ceremony of the conference, investment and trade negotiations, public welfare evenings, one township and one product seminar, tourism promotion, Changsha municipal government promotion special and ethnic medicine research and other sectors.

Comrade Lan Jun (second from right) reviews work and summarizes work

Finally, the Blue Army commented on the work of each section and proposed work requirements. He said that the two-day concentrated meeting in Changsha, the time is tight, the task is very timely, meaningful and very successful, and will be included in the history of the development of the China Trade Association. First, it clarifies the future development path of China’s one township and one product industry promotion plan, and has a clearer positioning of the “6+3” development module. At the same time, it further clarifies the daily working mechanism of a township product and requires strengthening work processes and work. system. Second, the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government expressed their warm welcome and full support to the third session of the People’s Fair and the General Assembly in Changsha. For all the people in the trade, opportunities and challenges coexist, and we must do our best to prepare for the work. Third, the third session of the China International Trade Fair should be based on the experience of the previous two events, closely follow the theme of the conference, enrich the content of the event, innovate the mode of activities, meticulously prepare, pay attention to actual results, and ensure the event is successfully held.



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